Build a Bridge to Your Dreams, by: David Dillard-Wright, PhD.

All the great Teachers have laid stress upon the importance, not of envisaging an enormous period of time before you to do the difficult things of the spiritual life, but to pay attention to the little passing moments, the minutes and hours of each day. Therefore they taught: Fill the day full; watch over it, guide it; regard each single day as if it were the last day that you knew you were going to live.”
-A. Trevor Barker, Theosophist

Imagine a great chasm like a gorge or canyon with a decrepit bridge going across, missing several wooden slats. It would take a great deal of courage to cross that bridge. If the chasm represents crossing over to some great life goal, each day would be one wooden slat on that bridge. The more days that you miss in working toward that goal, the more the bridge falls into disrepair. The more days that you practice, the more trustworthy and study the bridge becomes. In the spiritual life, each day of work is another day that the bridge from here to there will remain in good repair, will be a sure way to cross over the chasm.

This morning you may be thinking of your life’s quest, the reason you get out of bed each day. Your quest may be something quite large, something so big that it is intimidating to think about. But if you think of doing only one day’s work, suddenly this impossible task is brought down to scale.

Think for a few minutes about what you need to do today to make your dream a reality. Build your bridge one wooden slat at a time. If you do that one thing, you can live this day with purpose and conviction. Each time you feel discouraged, come back to one simple task that you can achieve in short order.

-From: A Mindful Morning, by: David Dillard-Wright, PhD.