“Walk Down the Path,” by: David Dillard-Wright, PhD.

The surrender of the ego is the most difficult thing we have to do….
The surrender of the ego is the ONLY way of life.”
-Bede Griffiths, Hindu-Christian Mystic

Those of us who feel drawn to the spiritual life have a long and uncertain road ahead. We have no guarantee of success or even of progress. The path goes through dark and lonely places. We face terrible demons that we would rather ignore. The usual comforts of life can be torturous for us. The only consolation is knowing that we are making the journey of the ages, undertaking the process of transformation that is the destiny of every soul.

Today, you have a choice as to whether you will do the work of contemplation or let the time slip by. There are no punishments or rewards other than the natural outcomes of your choices. You only have to ask yourself what you truly want in life and act accordingly . Know that the struggle itself will ennoble your soul, and that, as you struggle to enrich your life, you allow others to do the same.

-From, “A Mindful Morning,” by: David Dillard-Write, PhD.