Build Your Concentration Skills, by: David Dillard-Wright, PhD.

“Divine consciousness makes us feel that God is right here, inside each life-breath, inside each heartbeat, inside everyone and everything around us.”
-Sri Chinmay, Spiritual Teacher

We have lost the ability to pay attention with the diligence necessary to see the hidden, divine side of things. Painter, poets, and mystics catch glimpses of it. To see property, we have to discipline the minds, to pick something from nature or culture and concentrate on it exclusively. The object of concentration could be anything – a few lines of scripture, a poem, a rock, a bird, a flower – but the intensity and fervor of concentration make the insight come. Our world, at every turn, will oppose and thwart the total concentration of mind and heart. So the quest for mindfulness will be at odds with the world if it is undertaken seriously.

When a place or an object of human manufacture particularly strikes you, in a way that makes you feel that perhaps the world still holds some beauty and truth, flag that place or object as a possible focus for meditation. Even this morning, you can visit your favorite place or find a few verses to concentrate your mind Familiarize yourself entirely with the object of meditation so that you can see it even with your eyes closed. Then listen deeply , with complete absorption, waiting for its secret to be revealed. If you are on a tight schedule, set a timer for, say, twenty minutes, and use that time for concentration on the object.

From: A Mindful Morning, by: David Dillard-Wright PhD.