ACIM: Lesson 7, Tuesday, April 7, 2020

I like how today’s lesson provides a “rationale” for all preceeding lessons. Brings them all together, like pieces of a puzzle and we’re now given a glimpse of the big pictures, rather than feeling the overwhelm of all the individual pieces.

I see only the past. Isn’t that the truth?!

In my concerted efforts to be mindful, to sit in meditation, to reflect and be in the moment, then of course this would not apply. But these lessons aren’t meant to apply to those times. These lessons are meant to apply to what is the majority of the time. In those other times, the minority of times, we are able to see more clearly and see the truth in these lessons. As I let those words sink in, “I see only the past,” and then look around the room and apply it to what I see, like the coffee cup example, it becomes more and more clear to me that it is the truth. It also becomes more and more clear to me how this lessons brings more clarity to the preceeding lessons.

The sentimentality I feel towards this house, this family home, is largely based on the past. Sure, I can see a future living here, but I am not as attached to the future of this home as I am to the past of this home. If I am able to ignore the past, then I can just as easily and happily see a future in another home.